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    Cornerstone Program Application

    Thank you for your interest in the Cornerstone Program at Purchase College.  The Cornerstone Program provides individualized services beyond legislative mandates for full-time matriculated students diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.  Students can choose to focus on building a variety of skills based on their individual, academic, and personal goals.  Services included in the Cornerstone Program include:
    • Individual, weekly coaching with program staff
    • Social skills support group
    • Sponsored social events
    • Peer mentor program
    • Summer orientation program
    • Career readiness workshops and internship/volunteer experiences
    Qualified applicants must already be admitted to Purchase College.  Students are expected to meet the same expectations and criteria of any other qualified student attending Purchase College.  This means students must complete all required coursework and meet the requirements of their selected program, as well as adhere to all campus regulations. Coursework, curriculum and/or educational programs cannot be altered or modified in any way. 

    The primary goals of the Cornerstone Program are:

    1. To provide a comprehensive system of support for students transitioning to Purchase College, promoting academic, social, and personal growth

    2. To guide students in their career goals, with the ultimate goal of an employment plan prior to graduating from Purchase

    3. To improve the academic success and retention of the students on the autism spectrum at Purchase College